Your wedding story is an affirmation that you have committed yourself to live…

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Vow Renewals

A celebration of milestones in a marriage often takes the form of renewing…

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Naming Ceremonies

The naming ceremony is all about giving that special little person the most…

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A funeral ceremony is an opportunity to come together for those who were…

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Celebration of Life

Sometimes a celebration of life is more appropriate for your loved one.

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For every type of Ceremony a ritual is a wonderful way to reinforce a stronger collective bond. Incorporating a ritual that has symbolic meaning can be very powerful. Whether you choose a ritual according to your own beliefs, heritage or just want to dream up something completely different, a ceremony rooted in togetherness brings even more meaning to your big day.

End of life rituals can create stronger bonds and connections too. Often at this time we feel out of control and a ritual can bring some order and help us regain control.

Here are three examples of rituals often used to give you an idea.


Hand Fasting

Handfasting or Hand tying comes from an ancient Celtic custom that is practiced…

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Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony also called “blending of the sands”, is where each person pours…

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Spice Ceremony

A spice ceremony is a great way to bring the uniqueness of each individual and…

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