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Hand Fasting

Hand fasting or Hand tying comes from an ancient Celtic custom that is practiced all over Europe and is often part of a modern wedding ceremony.

It is a ritual where the couple will hold hands or elbows and a beautiful cord is wrapped around the wrists in a figure 8 representing the infinity symbol.

Through this beautiful element the couple are symbolically bound in marriage.

The cords can be bought on websites such as Etsy.

Different shades of colours evoke different feelings:


  • Red – Passion, Excitement, Confidence, Strength
  • Pink – Love, Warmth, Sincerity, Compassion, Sweet
  • Purple – Deep, Faith, Spirituality, Luxury, Royalty
  • Navy – Trust, Loyalty, Peace, Calm
  • Green – Balance, Nature, Healing, Growth, Restore
  • Blue – Spirit, Open, Determination, Perspective
  • Orange – Instinct, Warmth, Optimism, Extrovert, Freedom
  • Yellow – Happiness, Energy, Creativity, Cheer, Good Times
  • Brown – Rugged, Outdoors, Longevity, Friendly, Earth

“Today, your hands are joined and bound together in love”

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