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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your style?
I have a very flexible style and approach to my ceremonies – it is very important for me to make sure that your story is told and your expectations realised on the day.  Some require simplistic structure with the freedom to let the ceremony unfold others themes and rituals and some a mix of both – but at end of the day my 6 point plan will ensure you have what you need.
Why did you decide to become a Celebrant?

It was a wedding up in Stoke-on-Trent and working with a wedding videographer in Cape Town South Africa that sparked my interest. 

Everyone kept saying you would be great at that!  So it set me thinking..

Why should we book you?

I understand it must be very difficult looking at so many different celebrants out there so let me try and give you some of my background that I think make me a great choice.

If I was selecting a Celebrant I would want to know two things:

1.  Will you do a good job?

Yes, I am confident as we will have planned the ceremony together and it will be run through and signed off by you before we get to the big day. Flexibility is probably the key element here as minds change so the ceremony needs to support this. I promise to listen to you and agree each step with you so we can all enjoy the day.

2.  What Qualifies you to be our Celebrant?

I qualified with the International College of Professional Celebrants.  The training covered weddings, funerals, naming and vow renewal ceremonies.  As a member of the ICPC I am part of a supported network of Celebrants with access to comprehensive online materials, communities and regular CPD programs to continue learning and evolving.

Alongside this I have been practicing as a homeopath and nutritionist for nearly 20 years.  A big part of what I do is listening to people’s stories, helping them navigate difficulties and find true joy and happiness.  Prior to this I also ran sales teams for a number of financial software companies and until recently performed a consultancy role. This means I am very comfortable with presentations and structuring plans to complete projects on time.

Finally I am really looking forward to using all of my life experience to weave your special memories into a beautiful and meaningful ceremony for your special day.

Will the Ceremony be legally binding?

As a Celebrant we are not permitted to perform the legally binding part of the ceremony at the moment, but we hope the law will change soon.

The legally binding part of the Ceremony is handled by a Registrar.  This legal registration of marriage is at a Registrar’s Office. In England or Wales, it is called a 2+2 Ceremony – 2 persons who are getting married and 2 witnesses. (This is your statutory right). The legal aspect is also true for registering a birth or death – in both cases a legal certificate is issued but the celebration is part of a separate ceremony.

Once this is complete you can move onto the celebration and ceremony that will be personalised for you containing all the special touches that you want. Let your imagination create something from your heart that will be with you always.

Where can the Ceremony be held?

The wonderful benefit of using a Celebrant is that your wedding can be conducted wherever you want it to be.  Either at a formal wedding venue or perhaps in your back garden or on a beach?

Key is for us to talk through what you want and how the ceremony can be delivered to honour and match your desires.

What sort of pricing should I budget for?

Just to give you an idea.
Prices start from £500 for weddings and vow renewals.

A full quote detailing what is included in the price is given on request.

Please give me a call to discuss other ceremonies and pricing.

Are Quirky requests OK?

Meet my friends Bob, Kevin & Stuart – Yes quirky is fine!

Imagine your perfect ceremony – Pirates of Caribbean – happy to dress as a pirate!

Some people like to include pets in the ceremony – also good!

Imagine your perfect ceremony and lets chat.

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